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FONTICUS City Gallery
Trg lođe 3
Tel: 052 / 776 131, 776 349

Eugen Vodopivec Borkovsky
tel: 052/ 776 357,
mob: 091 / 252 33 72
e-mail:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

In the last few years The FONTICUS City Gallery has become a professional exhibition space. It has a curator and an art council, and promotes the recent works of Croatian and foreign artists. Gallery's two floors provide space for two smaller or one larger exhibition. Beside the gallery's usual activities, in 2000 we organized a group show of three artists: Vera Dajht Kralj, Ljerka Flakovac and Marija Zidaric. They have been involved in art and connected to Groznjan since distant 1965. Their exhibition was a part of celebrating the 35th anniversary of Groznjan as the town of artists.

Groznjan Heraldic Collection

Trg lođe 3
Tel: 052 / 776 131, 776 349

Basic heraldic rules, most common escutcheon forms, helmet development, crests, escutcheon types, heraldic insignia, colour representation, etc. are presented in a popular manner. The collection also includes numerous heraldic figures and some reproductions of Pavle Ritter Vitezovic's "Stemmatographia", published in Vienna in 1701. The collection belongs to and is funded by the Municipality of Groznjan. On public display since mid-2000. Municipality of Groznjan owns the equipment and previously multiplied exhibits.




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Turisticka zajednica opcine Grožnjan
Ente per il turismo - Comune di Grisignana
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